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A new standard in water leak detection

Hochiki Australia, world leaders in fire detection manufacturing introduces a brand new standard in water leak detection to the Australian market, LEAKalarm®, an innovative new fully monitored alarm and detection system providing protection from the greatest risk to buildings and managed facilities.

Statistics show that the most likely cause of insurance claims in blocks of flats, hotels, retail premises and commercial buildings is water damage.

Leading the way in water detection technology is the new LEAKalarm® system from Hochiki. This addressable solution is designed to be infinitely reliable, with many of its features also found in systems designed to ensure life safety.

LEAKalarm® systems are designed to protect areas where water ingress could seriously damage electrical, communication and computer networks. It continuously monitors for water leaks around the clock, and has the facility for up to 72-hours on standby in the event of a power failure. Commercial insurers are recommending risk assessment of potential water damage, as well as the installation of water leak detection systems to ensure full insurance cover and safety.

LEAKalarm® is based upon world-proven life safety technology providing the same reliability and integrity as approved fire detection systems. This means there is virtually no risk of failure, downtime and a reduced likelihood of false alarms.

How does LEAKalarm help?
Fully addressable

LEAKalarm is a fully addressable system; enabling building management to quickly locate and remedy the situation. When you consider that on average, a data centre outage costs AUD$24,000 per minute, ensuring water leaks are quickly located and remedied is essential for business continuity and mitigating financial loss.

Vast coverage

A dual loop LEAKalarm panel will accommodate 508 probes or 25,400m of cable, which is more coverage than most competitor solutions offer.

Robust and reliable

The LEAKalarm water detection protocol is based on a protocol developed for the fire industry, therefore its reliability is indisputable. LEAKalarm will ensure that damage is avoided, disruption is reduced and losses are limited.

Value for money

With extensive coverage, BMS connectivity, powerful Cause and Effects and extremely reliable water detection, LEAKalarm offers the best value for money.

What does LEAKalarm have to offer?
Linear and point detection

Offering both water detection probes and water detection cables, LEAKalarm is a flexible and adaptable solution which is ideal for a range of applications and environments.

Powerful cause and effect

LEAKalarm can be easily interfaced with third party equipment, such as water shut off valves, via use of an I/O unit. This is just one example of the powerful Cause and Effects that can be easily configured via the LEAKalarm Loop Explorer 2 PC Software.

BMS connection

LEAKalarm has a central control panel which can be remotely monitored via a BMS, helping building management to manage maintenance more efficiently and monitor energy consumption effectively. Any disconnection, fault or alarm will be quickly communicated to building management, saving the engineer time and therefore reducing maintenance costs for the building owner.

Battery back-up

LEAKalarm will continually monitor for leaks around the clock, and with the facility for integral batteries, LEAKalarm can also provide 72-hours of standby operation in the event of a power failure.

Typical System Configuration
Suitable Applications

The LEAKalarm system is adaptable to a broad range of environments and applications. From small, to very large areas, the cables and probes can be designed to fit almost any particular environment. LEAKalarm provides reliable, high sensitivity, water and leak detection in bespoke application specific installations. LEAKalarm is particularly useful in the following applications.

  • Communications Sites
  • Utilities infrastructure
  • Data distribution sites / Data centres
  • Warehousing
  • Accommodation
  • Records Storage
  • Insurance
  • Bathrooms / Wet Rooms
  • Power Generation
  • Cultural / Heritage Sites
  • Portable Switch Rooms
  • Museums
  • Marine
  • Hospitals & Healthcare
LAAP-S-1 Water Leak Addressable Control Panel

Single and dual loop LEAKalarm control panels are available with each loop supporting a maximum of 127 addressable devices. Loop supported ancillaries include a mains relay controller which is ideal for solenoid valve activation and plant equipment control, an addressable remote indicator and short circuit isolator. LEAKalarm loop modules can be configured to operate in accordance with powerful cause and effect, delivered via our Loop Explorer 2 software. LEAKalarm Control Panels are equipped with both common Alarm and Fault relays, as well as battery backup.

LA-WLDM Water Leak Detection Module

LEAKalarm offers both linear and point water leak detection. Our highly versatile leak detection module will support up to 50m of LEAKalarm water leak detection cable or one LEAKalarm water leak detection Probes per circuit, per circuit, with two circuits available per device. Control panel configuration also allows each leak detection module to be allocated a location-specific name. All loop modules can be configured to operate in accordance with powerful cause and effect, delivered via our Loop Explorer 2 software.

LAW-05 AND LAW-10 Water Leak Detection Cable

LEAKalarm offers both linear and point water leak detection solutions. Linear leak detection is achieved through the installation of this very responsive sensing cable, designed to be fixed under false floors, in ceiling voids and other enclosed spaces. Available in lengths of 5m and 10m, the cables can be connected by the locking plug and socket system to cover large areas. An EOL device is added to the end of each cable run and cables are connected to LEAKalarm modules that are in turn connected to the LEAKalarm panel loops.

HSVS Water Leak Alarm Activated Voice Sounder

Voice Sounder This Voice Enhanced Sounder delivers a pre-recorded message alert tailored to the LEAKalarm water leak detection system. The unit is easy to install and provides very early warning of leak detection via the LEAKalarm control panel.

LA-WLDP Water Leak Floor Probe

LEAKalarm offers both linear and point detection solutions. Point detection is achieved by use of the LEAKalarm Floor Probe. Probes are connected to LEAKalarm Detection Modules (maximum of two per module) which in turn are connected to the loop of the LEAKalarm water detection system control panel. The two pins on the undersideof the probe create a circuit when they come into contact with water, which activates a water leak alarm at the control panel.

CHQ-ARI LEAKalarm Addressable Remote Indicator

The CHQ-ARI is a loop-powered Addressable Remote Indicator, with high-intensity LEDs and a Fresnel lens design which produces a highly visible signal. The unit can be used on the Standard ESP Base (YBN-R/3).

LA-WLDM-EOL LEAKalarm Water Leak Detection Cable EOL Device

An EOL device designed to be added to the end of each water leak detection cable in the LEAKalarm system. Cables are connected to LEAKalarm modules that are in turn connected to the LEAKalarm panel loops.

LA-HSSB1 LEAKalarm Addressable Sounder Beacon

A sounder beacon compatible with the LEAKalarm water leak detection system. This multi-tone sounder and strobe is easily installed with robust terminations that can accept 2.5 mm cables and a push and twist bayonet-fitting base. The blue lens distinguishes the unit as non-fire.

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