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Ekho Hybrid Wireless

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Ekho Hybrid Wireless
Hochiki's New Hybrid Wireless Fire Detection Range
A New Generation of Hybrid Wireless Fire Detection

Ekho is a wireless based family of products which can be fully integrated into Hochiki’s renowned ESP intelligent hardwired system.

At the core of the system is the wireless Translator module. It is hard-wired to the fire alarm control panel loop and communicates continuously with the wireless devices. Wireless Expander modules are used to extend the radio mesh network, increasing the reach and capacity of the overall system.

Ekho is the next generation of hybrid wireless fire detection from Hochiki and will eventually supersede the FIREwave system.

System Architecture
Self-Configuring Mesh Network

The Ekho Expander modules create a self-configuring mesh network, which constantly relays field device signals back to the Translator module. Each wireless device determines which Expander has the strongest signal path and automatically connects to it. The Expander mesh network guarantees an “always on” connection between the wireless devices and the Translator/fire control panel.

Self-Configuring Mesh provides:
  • High level of reliability
  • Automatically adapting to changing operating conditions: all devices automatically choose a parent expander depending on the quality of connection
  • A simple design and commissioning process
Advantages for installers
  • Simplified design and planning process
  • Faster commissioning process
  • Less time on site.

In this example, the Ekho sensor is connected to the Translator via Expander 1, as it is the strongest signal pathway.

In this example, the Ekho sensor is connected to the Translator via Expander 2, as it is the strongest signal pathway.

HYBRID WIRELESS DEVICESOptical, Thermal and Multi Criteria Sensors

Ekho sensors are supplied in three variants: Optical, Thermal and Multi Criteria, which cover a wide range of applications. The Optical and Multi Criteria detectors feature double dust traps and adaptive signal processing to prevent false alarms. Thermal detectors can respond to a fixed temperature threshold, or detect a rate of rise in temperature.

The range of Ekho devices provides a visually attractive wireless fire detection solution, encompassing a wide variety of installation types and sizes.

In addition, Hochiki’s dedicated team of technicians provides support to customers, and ensures that installation and maintenance processes remain transparent, effortless and focused on customers’ requirements.

BENEFITSKey Benefits of the Ekho Range

Patented wireless technology, utilising both a hard-wired fire detection system and wireless detection.

ESP Compatible

Fully integrated into Hochiki's renowned ESP intelligent hardwired system, providing maximum flexibility.


Offering a fully expandable and configurable system suitable to a wide range of applications.

Simple Installation

Most flexible solution available that is easy to install, overcoming challenges on the most demanding sites.

FEATURESKey Features of the Ekho Range
Self-Configuring Mesh Network

Ekho devices establish connection automatically and are not tied to a specific Expander, dynamically determining the strongest signal path to the Translator.

What is a Hybrid Wireless Fire Detection System?

A HYBRID Wireless Fire Detection System is one which utilises both a hard-wired fire detection system combined with ‘clusters' of wireless detection. Normally the wireless sections of the system are introduced to overcome a specific site problem which prevents the use of traditional fire cabling such as unwanted site disruption, expense or other technical impracticalities.

Robust & Secure Communication

Communication between the Translator Module and devices is bi-directional and uses the 868MHz frequency range in Europe, 916MHz in Australia and 865MHz in India. Automatic system adjustments, including channel hopping and signal amplification, are implemented to support the security and stability of communications.

Fully Intelligent

Ekho is based on an advanced wireless communication protocol which facilitates the delivery of fully intelligent field device integration, allowing analogue values, device addresses and type codes to be transmitted to the system control panel.

Loop Powered Translator

Powered directly from the detection loop, the Ekho Translator Module ensures a reliable and secure connection between the wireless field devices and the control equipment. Each Translator Module can support up to 126 field devices via the proven wireless protocol.

Monitored Batteries

All devices are powered by standard lithium batteries which are both economical and environmentally friendly. All batteries are monitored continually, and any low battery condition is automatically displayed at the control equipment.

Ekho vs FIREwave

Communication range between Translator and Expander, in metres

* In open-air 

Communication range between Expander and field device, in metres

* In open-air 

Maximum number of Expanders programmable on a Translator

* Within the 126-address capacity of associated Translator 

Maximum Battery Life

* Dependent on operational usage 

Standards & Approvals
  • Quality Management System ISO 9001
  • AS ISO 7240.25 Approved
  • Constancy of Performance 0051-CPR-1916
  • RED Compliant
  • Ekho technology proven in over 150,000 projects
APPLICATIONSThe Ekho range is adaptable to a broad range of environments
  • Castles
  • Cathedrals
  • Churches
  • Museums
  • Remote Buildings
  • Asbestos sites
  • Temporary structures
  • Banks
  • Aesthetically sensitive interiors
  • Concrete structures
  • Historic / protected buildings
  • Prisons
  • Hotels
  • Offices

A Hybrid Wire to Wireless Translator Module

A Hybrid Wireless Expander Module

Wireless Heat Detector

Wireless Optical Smoke Detector

Wireless Multi-Sensor Detector A1R

Wireless Optical Smoke Detector with Built in Sounder

Wireless Heat Detector with Built in Sounder A1R

Wireless Optical Smoke Detector with Built in Voice Annunciator and VAD

Wireless MCP

Wireless Sounder

Wireless Single Input Module

Wireless Single Output Module

Ekho Wireless Survey Kit