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Water Leak Addressable Control Panel

Single and dual loop LEAKalarm control panels are available with each loop supporting a maximum of 127 addressable devices.
Loop supported ancillaries include a mains relay controller which is ideal for solenoid valve activation and plant equipment control, an addressable remote
indicator and short circuit isolator. LEAKalarm loop modules can be configured to operate in accordance with powerful cause and effect, delivered via our Loop
Explorer 2 software.
LEAKalarm Control Panels are equipped with both common Alarm and Fault relays, as well as battery backup.

  • Both single and dual loop control panels available
  • A single loop panel can support up to 254 LEAKalarm Probes, or over 12,000m of water leak detection cable
  • A dual loop panel can support in excess of 500 LEAKalarm Probes and over 25,000m of water leak detection cable
  • Control panel configuration allows each addressable device to be uniquely identified
  • Remote outputs fully configurable
  • RS485 panel expansion bus supporting up to 32 additional accessories
  • Cause and Effect output control via Loop Explorer 2 PC software
  • Fully monitored sounder circuits
  • Additional 8-Way relay board also available
  • Battery Standby