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New Conventional Combined Rate Of Rise & Fixed Temp Heat Detector (90*C)

Model DCD-C3 is a Rate Of Rise Heat Detector with a 90ºC fixed temp element using a thermistor and linearising circuit to provide an accurate response heat detector.

The DCD-C3 is ideal for use where medium ambient temperatures exist, such as drying rooms or where smoke detectors are unsuitable beacause of the presence of steam or cooking fumes such as in a kitchen. The DCD-C3 is supported by a range of bases for differant applications. A third terminal provides a remote indicator.  

Conventional Detector for Sigma CP series (Activfire afp-2516)

  • Electronic Linear Heat Detection
  • Remote Indicator Output
  • Wide Voltage Range (9.5 - 30Vdc) can be installed on security sytems
  • Twin Fire LED's allow 360º viewing
  • Fixed Temp detector
  • Approved to AS7240.5