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Dynamic Exit Signs / Intelligent Exit Signs RED-X EL-24X-AS

Dynamic Exit Signs / Intelligent Exit Signs are available. Please contact us ( or 02-9738-5566) for further information.

An LED-based, addressable 24 m viewable exit light with a flexible ‘flex it’ hinge solution. The exit sign operates in two states - displaying a AS2293 compliant running man” design to indicate that the escape route is safe to use. This will automatically switch to a red cross display, indicating that the escape route has been compromised and is not safe to use, because of the presence of fire or smoke for example*.

The exit sign’s hinged cup contains the electronics and stand-by battery and allows the unit to attach to the standard Hochiki EL-TSB mounting base.The cup also features a bi-coloured status LED indicating charge/fault status (green for charging, red for fault).

  • Complies with AS2293
  • Two-state display - “running man” for safe escape routes, “red cross” for compromised escape routes*
  • Visible at 24 metres
  • LED technology
  • Integral stand-by battery
  • Hinged to fit to any surface angle
  • Fixes easily to Hochiki base (EL-TSB)
  • Designed for use with the FIREscape emergency lighting system and third-party interface for activation