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ESP FIREbeam Xtra – Addressable Loop Powered

FIREbeam Detector with Low Level Controller and 7-70m Reflector

The ESP FIREbeam Xtra is a reflective beam Smoke Detector which features advanced motorised technology allowing it to self-align itself to the centre of the reflector when commissioning. Commissioning is a semi-automatic procedure where the unit aligns itself directly onto  the centre of the reflector. Once commissioned the detector continually monitors alignment and will automatically realign itself back to the centre of the reflector if any building movement occurs.

The detector comes with a separate controller unit which allows engineers to commission, monitor and maintain from ground level. Detection range is 70m for the standard unit, increasing to 120m or 140m with the addition of the medium or long-range reflector kits.

The ESP FIREbeam Xtra features an integral loop module allowing full connectivity to the ESP analogue addressable loop.


  • 7 – 70 m standard detection range
  • Extensions kits available to enhance detection range up to 160 m
  • Approved by Activfire (CSIRO) AS ISO 7240 Part 12
  • Continually corrects itself against building movement
  • Brand new optics design reduces false alarms
  • Fully compatible with the Hochiki ESP analogue addressable protocol.