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Addressable Loop-Powered Wall Beacon

 An Addressable Lopp-Powered Wall Beacon,with a high intensity LED and a custom designed free-form optic which produces a highly visible flash. Coverage diameters include 5m, 7.5m, 10m and 15m diameter*. The unit is designged to fit the YBN-R/3, YBN-R/3(SCI), YBO-BS or the YBO-R/SCI(RED), and is available in Red or White LEDs.

Colours: White, Ivory, Red

  • Loop Powered
  • Single loop address via TCH-B200
  • High Intensity LED technology
  • 0.5/1 Hz flash frequency
  • Choice of 2 LED colours (red and white)
  • Approved to AS7240-23:2010 - Category 'W'
  • Operating voltage 17-41 V dc